Welcome to Aqua Energy High Pressure Pumps & Water Jet Equipment
                Welcome to Aqua Energy     High Pressure Pumps & Water Jet Equipment

Water Jetting


Aqua Energy are a leading manufacturer and supplier of high and

ultra-high pressure water jetting equipment and robotic cleaning systems. Our high pressure pumps range from 50 horsepower up to 500 horsepower with pressures from 100 bar up to 3500 bar.


All equipment is designed to the highest quality and customers can have the choice of Skid Mounted, Trolley Mounted, Trailer Mounted, Truck Mounted or installed inside specially designed 10’ foot, 20′ foot or 40′ foot containers (if required containers and skids can be certified DNV-2-7.1).


All equipment can be supplied to operate in zone-1 and zone-2 hazardous areas and in temperatures up to 55 degrees centigrade.


Our products are suitable to operate in almost any industry including nuclear, power, dockyards, ocean going vessels, oil refineries, gas plants, chemical plants, desalination plants and offshore platforms. 


Our large range of shell side bundle pullers will remove heat exchanger tube bundles from 5,000mm long up to 15,500mm long and will remove heat exchangers up to 100 tons in weight.


Our one man operated robotic heat exchanger cleaning equipment cleans up to five heat exchanger tubes in one pass and are designed to give maximum productivity resulting in less downtime for the production plants.


We are located only one mile from Greenock Ocean Container Terminal and our products are found in 50 countries.


Our customers include small businesses to world class leading corporations.


Aqua Energy are a truly one stop shop for all your industrial cleaning projects.






Paint & Rust removal from Jetty

Concrete demolishing

Paint Removal from Beams

Buoy paint removal 2800 bar

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