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Drill Pipe Cleaning



Aqua Energy are a market leader in manufacturing and supplying drill pipe and oil riser cleaning systems.  


For manually cleaning pipes, box & pins in different locations our diesel engine driven, 10' foot, containerised unit, our skid mounted or trailer mounted units are ideal..  


We manufacture a mobile semi-robotic drill pipe cleaner that is installed inside 20' foot or 40' foot container. Once on site two operators take several hours to set up the cleaning system.  Once set up the semi robotic system should easily clean forty to eighty 48' feet pipes inside and outside in an eight our shift.


For permanently situated inside pipe yards we manufacture and supply semi robotic or full robotic pipe cleaning systems.  


Our very basic equipment will clean 20 to 30 drill pipes in an 8 hour shift and our fully robotic system can clean up to 130 (one hundred and thirty) 14.80 metre (48' feet) long pipes, box and pins in the same 8 hour shift.  

  • With our robotic equipment the customer has many options.  
  • He can clean the pipe ID first and then clean the OD.
  • Or if he requires fast production, he can clean both the ID and the OD at the same time.  
  • Plastic lined pipes are not damaged due to the variable pressures of the system.  
  • Using 2,800 bar (40,000 psi) pressure we can clean the pipes, box and pins to a surface finish suitable for NDT inspection.
  • With our larger pumps removing hard concrete or cement from the pipes is not a problem.
  • With our system there is no requirement for abrasive bead blasting.
  • NORM Scale is easily removed.   
  • Our Riser cleaning equipment is the fastest on the market.


Please visit our YouTube channel for videos of our equipment in operation. 




Pipe before & after cleaning

These 8" pipes were cleaned using with our DS-220.

The ultra high pressure pump is producing 2,000 bar @ 43.00 l/min (29,000 psi @ 11.31 gpm).

The same pump can also be supplied in 2,758 bar @ 27.00 l/min (40,000 psi @ 7.10 gpm).



Oil Riser Cleaning

The above risers are being cleaned with our Model: DC-400, 20' foot containerised unit.

  • The pump produces up to 400 horsepower and is driven by a diesel engine.
  • The customer also has the option of the pump being driven by an electric motor.
  • For the application shown the pump is producing the following pressure and flow.
  • 2,500 bar @ 63.00 l/min of water (36,250 psi @ 16.57 gpm).
  • With this pressure and flow a near white metal finish is produced.
  • The pressure and the flow are variable.


Pipe Cleaning

This image is of our Model: DT-60-ST, Diesel Engine Driven, Trailer Mounted, Low Pressure Pipe Cleaning Unit.

The small 50 horsepower pumps are driven with 61 horsepower engines and are ideal for removing sand, silt and light rust from 8" metal pipes.

The DT-60-ST has twin water tanks that hold up to 1,000 litres of water and these are good for pipe yards that don't have water readily available.


  • Pressures for this model range from 100 bar up to 600 bar.
  • Water flow from 30 litres per minute up to 100 litres per minute.
  • Special build models can be supplied in 1,500 bar up to 2,500 bar.

The photo shown is in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean where the customer purchased two of these small units specifically for pipe and sewer cleaning.

Paint & Rust removal from Jetty

Concrete demolishing

Paint Removal from Beams

Buoy paint removal 2800 bar

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