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Tube Cleaning

Aqua Energy manufactures and supplies a range of robots for cleaning heat exchanger tubes internally and externally. 


Our internal tube cleaning robots clean 3 or 5 tubes at the same time.

Our external cleaning robot cleans the outside of the bundles with 5 nozzles.

Both robots use pressures of 1,000 up to 1400 bar and water flows up to 200.00 litres per minute.


Tube Cleaner, 3 or 5 lances


The I-930-5 robotic five lance tube cleaner cleans 3 or 5 tubes at the same time and offers unequalled productivity. It cleans tube bundles up to 10metres long and tubes as small as 10mm ID (longer lance versions available).

Hydraulic driven by a 33 horsepower Hatz silenced engine.  

  • The 3 lance version is used with our 300 horsepower pump and the 5 lance model is used with our 500 horsepower pump.
  • Working pressures of 1,000 bar or 1,400 bar easily clean blocked tubes.

All controls for movement including controlling the high pressure pump pressure are located inside the operator's cabin.

Air conditioning is supplied as an option for hot countries, heaters supplied for cold locations.


Technical Data:


Length: 1,060 cm / 13.21 feet

Width: 250 cm / 7.57 feet

Height: 270 cm / 8.18 feet

Weight: 3,000 Kg / 6,600 lbs

Lance Stroke: 930 cm / 28.18 feet

Cross Travel: 155 cm / 4.70 feet

Up Stroke: 188 cm / 5.70 feet

Number of lances: 3 or 5

Lance diameter: 10 mm up to 14 mm

Flow per lance: 70.00 l/min / 18.42 gpm

Lance speed: From 1 metre up to 1.5 metres per second

Lance thrust: 1,500 Kg / 3,300 lbs

Water Pressure: 15,000 psi (1,034 bar)

Diesel engine: Hatz model, 2L41C, 2 cylinder, 24.30 Kw, 3,000 rpm

Oil tank: 140 litres / 36.80 gallons

Oil cooling: Air 




External Bundle Cleaner


The robotic E-930-5 tube bundle cleaner is the fastest on the market for cleaning the outside of heat exchangers. Five (5) nozzles with pressures up to 1,400 bar guarantee that everything is clean and fast.  All controls are inside the operators cabin, including the control to put the pressure on and off of the high pressure pump.  

The bundle cleaners hydraulics are driven by a 33 BHP (25Kw) air cooled Hatz silenced engine.


  • As an optional extra the cabin is supplied with air condition for warm countries or heaters for cold countries. 


Technical data: 


Length: 9,080 mm 

Width: 920 mm

Column Height (when working): 2,700 mm

Weight: 2,000 Kg

Water Pressure: 15,000 psi (1,034 bar)

Max flow per nozzle:

Maximum flow: 210.00 l/min

Number of nozzles: 3 or 5

Jet lance horizontal travel: 9,000 mm

Jet lance cross travel: 90 degree

Jet lance vertical travel: 1,850 mm

Diesel engine: Hatz, model 1D80C, 1 cylinder, 10 Kw, 3,000 rpm

Oil tank: 140.00 litres / 23.84 gallons

Oil cooling: Air





Hydraulic Rollers


The heat exchangers are mounted on our large hydraulic rollers that slowly rotate 25,000 Kg and 50,000 Kg heat exchangers effortlessly.

One roller is an idle roller, the other is hydraulically driven.

The rollers can be moved to take any size of heat exchanger. 



Length: 1,300 mm

Height: 350m mm

Width: 800 mm

Weight: 400 Kg

Maximum weight: 50,000 Kg




Scissor Lift Down


Scissor Lift Extended


Scissor Lift, 3 or 5 lance robotic tube cleaner


The autojet SI-930-5 comes with 3 or 5 lances.  The 3 lance system is driven by our 300 horsepower high pressure pump and the 5 lance model is driven by our 450 to 500 horsepower pump.  The basic model has a working stroke of 6.2 metres (20.32) with five lances and a cleaning pressure up to 15,000 psi or 20,000 psi. 

  • Each model can be supplied with extensions to clean tubes up to 9.30 metres (28.18 feet) long.  

Technical Data:

  • Length: 1,060 cm / 31.21 feet  
  • Width: 250 cm / 7.57 feet
  • Height: 270 cm / 8.18 feet
  • Weight: 3,000 Kg / 6,600
  • Lance working stroke: 930 cm / 28.18 feet
  • Cross travel: 155 cm / 4.47 feet
  • Maximum height: 7 metres / 23 feet
  • Number of lances: 3 or 5
  • Lance diameter: 10 mm to 14mm
  • Flow per lance: 70.00 l/min (18.42 gpm)
  • Lance speed: from 1 metre / second to 1.5 metre / second
  • Force of thrust: 1,500 Kg / 3,300 lbs
  • Water pressure: 15,000 psi (1,034 bar)
  • Diesel Engine: Hatz, Model 2L41C, 2 cylinder, 24.30 Kw, 3,000 rpm
  • Oil Tank: 140.00 litres / 36.80 gallons
  • Oil Colling System: Air 



      FX-2 Twin Lance Tube Cleaner

The FX-2 is a flexible, semi-automated water blasting system for cleaning the internal tubes

in heat exchangers.

It is supplied with two standard lances 12 mtres long (39.3 feet).

The 5 mm bore hose has a working pressure up to 1034 bar (15,000 psi).

The 4mm bore hose has a working pressure up to 2,100 bar (30,000 psi).

Both models are pneumatic driven for safety and for safely operating in explosive environments.




Length : 90 cm

Width: 26 cm

Height: 72 cm

Lance working stroke 1,200 cm

Lance outside diametres: 8.40 mm to 11.60 mm

Flow per lance 45 to 60 litres



Heat Exchanger Nipple & End Cap Cleaning


Nipple and end cap cleaning are a very important part of the maintenance in refineries.  

The operator shown is cleaning the end cap and the outside of the nipple with 1,400 bar pressure and a four jet rotating nozzle.

The ends caps and nipples are part of a paraffin making process.




Safety Guard


Operator manually cleaning heat exchanger tubes with a flexible hose, nozzle and a safety guard.

The safety guard is designed to protect the operator should the hose and the water jet nozzle hydraulic back out of the tube.

The safety guard also protects the operator from water splash back. 




Stainless Steel, Semi Flexible Lance


For manually cleaning blocked heat exchanger tubes with up to 15,000 psi (1,034 bar) pressure our Stainless Steel Semi Flexible Lance is the best on the market.  Unlike other stainless steel lances this one comes in single lengths up to 20 metres long and is so flexible that it will roll up into a 1.2 metre circle for easy storage after use.  

  • For pressure up to 40,000 psi other types of rigid stainless steel lances are available.


Paint & Rust removal from Jetty

Concrete demolishing

Paint Removal from Beams

Buoy paint removal 2800 bar

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