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Model DT-220-C, Road Trailer


The DT-220-C is a fully acoustic, trailer mounted, high pressure water jetting and hydro-blasting unit.  For clearing blocked heat exchanger tubes, cold cutting and removing paint coatings anti-fowling etc the DT-220-C operating at 2,800 bar @ 27.00 l/min (40,000 psi @ 7.10 gpm) is fast becoming our most popular model for contractors around the world.  




  • In approximately one hour the DL-210 pump can be converted from 2800 bar @ 27.00 l/min to produce 2,000 bar @ 43.00 l/min (29,000 psi @ 11.31 gpm). 
  • The DT-220-C shown is specially designed for oil refineries, chemical plants and gas plant applications.
  • The engines are fully protected and are supplied with external emergency stop, lightening conductors and large fire extinguisher.
  • The road trailer fully conforms to UK and to European road regulations.
  • All equipment is CE certified and with European certificate of conformity.


Model DTI-220, In-Plant Trolley


Trolley mounted water jetting units are not suitable for public highways.  They are designed to be towed inside power plants, desalination plants, shipyards or any large site and can only be towed up to 5 mph (8km) hour by a forklift truck or slow moving vehicle.


Trolley mounted water jetting pumps range in size from 50 horsepower up to 500 horsepower.

Pressures range from 100 bar up to 3,500 bar (1,450 psi to 50,750)

Water volumes from 12.00 l/min to 806.00 l/min (3.15 gpm to 212 gpm).

The engines can be fully protected to operate safely inside high risk areas inside oil refineries, chemical plants and gas plants.


  • The model shown produces 1,000 bar @ 83.00 l/min.

Model DT-300 Road Trailer


Trailer mounted high pressure water jetting pumps are designed to be towed behind large 4 x 4 vehicles or small trucks.  

The model shown is our DT-300 with our 300 horsepower DL-300 ultra-high pressure pump and driven by a 400 horsepower engine.

The engine on this model is fitted with automatic rpm.  

The automatic rpm system saves fuel and saves wear and tear on both the engine and on the pump.


The ultra-high pressure pump produces a large range of pressures and water flows of the following.


3,200 bar @   42.00 l/min (46,400 psi @ 11.05 gpm)
3,000 bar @   52.00 l/min (43,500 psi @ 13.68 gpm)
2,500 bar @   63.00 l/min (36,250 psi @ 16.57 gpm)
2,150 bar @   76.00 l/min (31,175 psi @ 20.00 gpm)
1,800 bar @   90.00 l/min (26,100 psi @ 23.68 gpm)
1,550 bar @ 106.00 l/min (22,475 psi @ 27.89 gpm)


The trailer fully conforms to UK and European road regulations.
Mechanical over-run brakes are installed on our trailers from 50 horsepower up to 300 horsepower that have a maximum gross weight up to 3,500 Kg.


  • 325 horsepower up to 500 horsepower are air braked trailers.
  • Engines can be protected to operate inside oil refineries, chemical plants or gas plants.
  • Acoustic doors and louvre panels are an option to cover the engine and the pump.


Model DTI-500, In-Plant Trolley


500 horsepower, trolley mounted high pressure water jet pumps for robotically cleaning five heat exchanger tubes at the same time with five lances and for robotically cleaning the external of the heat exchanger tubes.


The customer had to clean two hundred 8,000mm long and 10,000 mm long heat exchanger tube bundles in one shut down.  For this project and his other refineries he placed an order for nine DTI-500's each producing 1,000 bar of pressure @ 205.00 l/min (14,500 psi @ 53.94 gpm). 

  • The engines are fully protected with engine over-speed valves, suitable for zone-1, group 11B, T4 hazardous areas. 
  • Atex approved spark arrestors suitable for zone-1 and zone 2 hazardous areas.


Model DS-180, Skid Mounted


Skid mounted high pressure water jetting and hydro-blasting units range in size from 50 horsepower up to 500 horsepower.

The high pressure pump shown is our basic 180 horsepower without engine covers.

The pump provides options of pressures and flow to suit different cleaning applications.

The pump is fitted with an automatic engine throttle control.

  • All skid mounted pumps are supplied with forklift channels as standard or four lift eyes at the customers request.
  • Engines can be protected to operate inside oil refineries, chemical plants, gas plants or onboard offshore support vessels or on production platforms.


Model DS-250-C, DNV-27.1, Rig-safe


The equipment shown is our 250 horsepower, model DS-250-C and it is certified to DNV-27.1

The diesel engine is Rig Safe to allow the DS-250-C to operate onboard support vessels alongside offshore production platforms.

The crash frame is load tested and certified for offshore use.

The lift slings are certified.



The doors and louvre panels are acoustic to reduce engine noise levels.

The engines are designed to operate in rig safe and zone-2 areas on offshore platforms.

The DS-250-C shown was designed to pressure test underwater pipe lines in the north sea and around the world with pressures up to 8,000 psi (551 bar) and water flows up to 42.00 gpm (160.00 l/min). 

The DS-250-C pump with conversion kits can operate from 200 bar up to 2,800 bar (2,900 psi to 40,000 psi).


Model: DS-500-CF


The DS-500-CF is a 500 horsepower high pressure pump and is used for robotically cleaning the internal and the external of heat exchanger tubes with up to five lances at the same time.

The DS-500-CF is also used for many other applications such as oil tank cleaning, concrete demolishing, flushing large diameter pipe-lines.

The solid steel crash frame surrounds all components on the machine and protects them from accidental damage.

The crash frame has a roof to keep heavy rain and snow off of the pump and the engines 24 volt electrics.

The pump is producing 1034 bar @ 190.00 l/min (15,000 psi @ 50.00 gpm).

The 550 horsepower, 1800 rpm engines are fully protected for oil refinery applications with the following:

  • Engine overspeed valves, suitable for zone-1, group 11B, T4 hazardous areas.
  • Twin stainless steel Atex approved spark arrestors suitable for zone-1 and zone 2 hazardous areas.


Model DC-400, Containerised DNV-27.1


The container shown is our 20' feet long, model DC-400 and the DL-300 ultra high pressure pump is producing 2,500 bar @ 63.00 l/min (36,250 psi @ 16.57 gpm).


The containerised system is designed as a semi robotic mobile drill pipe and oil riser cleaning system. 


Our containerised water jetting units are supplied inside standard 10' foot, 20' foot or 40' foot containers (DNV-27.1 are optional).

The pump and the diesel engine are mounted inside and louvre panels allow the engine hot air flow to go outside the container.


  • For operating in cold countries we install infrared heaters.
  • As an optional extra containers can be fully insulated for operating in very cold climates.
  • For hot countries we can install air conditioning as an option.
  • The electric control box, the electric power points, strip lights, flood lights are IP-65 rated and comply with Norway's strict NORSOK regulations.
  • Steel lockable cupboards are installed for storing accessories, spare parts and PPE. 


For offshore applications the engines are supplied up to zone-2, hazardous area specification.



Model DT-60-ST


The DT-60-ST is designed for cleaning drains and pipes up to 100 metres long.

It has two water tanks mounted on each side (saddle tanks) carrying a total of 1,000 litres (263 gallons) of water.  

Onboard water tanks are for locations where water is not always available.




The twin axle trailer conforms to European road regulations.

The filling of the water tanks conform to water board regulations.


A wide option of pressures and flow are available from 110 bar @ 170.00 l/min up to 210 bar @ 93.00 l/min with the DL-50 low pressure pump.

280 bar @ 74.00 l/min up to 600 bar @ 30.00 l/min with the medium pressure DL-50 pump.

For projects where higher pressures are required we can offer from 800 bar @ 23.00 l/min up to 1,500 bar @ 12.50 l/min.


The DT-60-ST operating at 600 bar @ 30.00 l/min is also a firm favourite for cleaning heavy machinery in quarries where water is not always available.



Model DT-50-ST


The DT-50-ST is primarily used for cleaning domestic drains up to 8" inside diameter and up to 100 metres long depending on the pressure and the water flow.


The DT-50-ST conforms to European road regulations.

The water filling conforms with water board back syphoning regulations.

The DT-50 with different pressure options is ideal for cleaning heavy plant, buildings or heat exchanger condenser tubes where larger pumps and higher pressures are not required.


Model DTI-50


The DTI-50 is a small 50 horsepower trolley, designed for flushing metal and plastic pipes in pipe manufacturing plants.


The DTI-50 shown produces 140 bar @ 137.00 litres of water per minute and is ideal for flushing 

sand, silt and dust out of the pipes in pipe yards.  


  • The DTI-50 is not designed to be towed on public highways.
  • We offer a large range of different pipe cleaning nozzles.



Model DS-80-VP & DS-150-VP

Truck or Van Mounted Low, High and Ultra high Pressure Water Jetting Units specially designed to mount inside large vans or onto the back of trucks.

The van and truck packs can operate in almost any industry and they are ideal for keeping the pump and the accessories locked inside a secure vehicle.


Model DS-100 & Model DS-180

The DS-100 and DS-180 are basic but our most popular models. They are mostly used for cleaning Heat Exchanger tubes in desalination plants, Breweries, refineries, gas plants and chemical plants.

For refineries the engines are supplied with engine over-speed valves and spark arresters to allow them to be safe for these semi hazardous areas.

Pressures range from 500 bar up to 3500 bar and these are ideal for cutting the toughest of materials out of heat exchanger tubes.


Model DS-150-AC

The DS-150 Acoustic is designed for clients who need to comply with low noise levels where there is a possibility of annoying members or the public or staff working in offices or cabins.

We manufacture acoustic models from 50 horsepower up to 500 horsepower

Pressures range from 100 bar up to 3000 bar and the DS acoustic range can be used in almost any industry.


Model DS-180

The DS-180 was designed for customers in Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe for manually cleaning drill pipes and offshore risers.

Using 1400 bar of pressure and water volumes up to 53 litres of water per minute the DS-180 is the ideal machine for these applications.


Model DS-180-C & DS-220-C

The DS-180-C was designed for a customer who needed a really quiet machine for pile driving large piles into the embankment of rivers where houses and members of the public are nearby.

The DS-220-C is also a very quiet machine due to the built in acoustic doors and panels. The DS-220-C is used in a wide variety of industries with pressures from 100 bar up to 3000 bar.


Model DS-180-CF & DS-220-CF DNV

the DS-180-CF is used for offshore support vessels or drilling rigs to remove paint coatings from helicopter decks, decks, ballast tanks etc.

The DS-220-CF Dnv 2.7-1, is a rig safe unit and can be designed to operate onboard support ships or in zone-2 areas on the oil platforms.

They can be used in a wide variety of applications from underwater pipe-line testing to removing coatings from the legs of the oil platform or drilling rigs.


Model DS-180-CF & DS-220CF

The DS-180-CF and the DS-220-CF have full crash frames. The crash frames are designed to protect the engine, pump and the working components especially in harsh environments where the equipment is moved by cranes or fork lift truck. Both models are ideal for removing Algae, Seaweed and Barnacles from the hulls of ships with pressures up to 1500 bar. The high pressure pumps can easily be converted to operate up to 3000 bar pressure to remove paint coatings from hulls, decks, ballast tanks etc.


Model DS-400 (Ultra High Pressure)

The DS-400 is an ultra high pressure pump that operates from 1500 bar @ 106 litres per minute up to 3,200 bar @ 40.00 l/min. The model shown was designed to clean Drill Pipes, boxes, pins and risers using 2,500 bar with 60 litres of water per minute.

For these applications the DS-400 can also be supplied inside our DC-400, 20' foot containerised unit with full workshop for mobile site to site


Model DT-50 & DT-60

The DT-50 and DT-60 are diesel engine driven high pressure pumps mounted on fast tow road trailers. Both of these models are ideal where a water supply is not a problem.

The DT-50 and DT-60 operate from 100 bar up to 1500 bar and are ideal for small shipyards, building cleaning and general high pressure washing such as heavy plant and machinery in quarries etc.


Model DT-50 & HS-50

The HS-50 is a hydraulic driven unit designed to operate on sea going LPG tankers where there is not enough electricity on the ships forward deck. Diesel engines are not allowed on LPG tankers so Aqua Energy designed a range of Hydraulic units from 50 horsepower up to 250 horsepower with pressures from 200 bar up to 3500 bar.

The HS-50 up to HS-250 are mainly used for removing Deck and Ballast Tanks coatings while the ship is at sea.


Model DT-50 (Pressure Test Unit)

The DT-50 is diesel engine driven, mobile pressure test unit that can be towed by a small vehicle to any location. This model is used mainly to pressure test pipes, pipelines and any type of pressure cylinder from 5 bar up to 1500 bar pressure. When its not pressure testing it can be used a a water jet machine by simply installing a high pressure gun.

Electric motor versions of this and all machines are available.


Diesel Trailer, Model DT-50-ST & DT-60-ST

The DT-50-ST & DT-60-ST with twin saddle tanks are principally used for drain and pipe line cleaning. The twin water tanks have a maximum water storage capacity of up to 200 UK gallons. Both models are useful in locations where water supply is not available or the user doesn't have enough water volume to keep the pumps operating.


Model DT-100

The DT-100 is a superb machine for cleaning smaller inside diameter heat exchanger tubes from 10mm ID up to 25mm ID. The best pressures for this application is from 1200 bar up to 2800 bar depending on the hardness of the materials to be removed.
The DL-100 pump operating at 2800 bar up to 3500 bar is ideal for removing coatings in small to medium size areas onboard ships, oil tanks, pipes-lines or anywhere where spot rust is a problem.


Model DT-100-C & DT-180-C

The DT-100-C and the DT-180-C are the same as the DT-100 and the DT-180 but fitted with with a frame, doors and louvre panels to completely surround the engine and the pump.

All diesel engine units can be completely covered with fully acoustic canopies and can be made to operate in any hazardous area.


Model- DT-180

The DT-180, DS-180 and the ES-180 are our best selling models with many of them located around the world.
The DL-180 pump is available in a wide variety of pressures and flows from 700 bar up to 2800 bar. These pressures are ideal for hand cutting concrete, cleaning heat exchanger tubes, removing tough materials and for surface preparation in any industry where hard coating must be removed.

All equipment can be designed to operate in any environment including hazardous areas.


Model DT-180-AC & DT-220-AC

The DT-180-AC and the DT-220-AC are designed specially for hazardous areas in oil refineries, gas plants, chemical plants etc. The engines are protected to avoid explosions and they are fitted with external battery isolation, emergency stop, approved fire extinguishers and lightening conductors.

Both models are completely surrounded with acoustic canopies, doors and panels, but with special attention to allow easy servicing and maintenance to the pump, engine and other components.


Model DTI-100 & DTI-180

The DTI range of machines are trolley mounted from 50 horsepower up to 500 horsepower. This type of machine is designed to be towed around oil refineries, gas plants with fork lift trucks or small vehicles, but they are not suitable to be towed on the public highways.


Model DTI-220

The DTI-220 is a powerful pump that operates from 2000 bar up to 3000 bar and is ideal for applications where higher pressures and higher water volumes are required.

The DTI range of machines are trolley mounted from 50 horsepower up to 500 horsepower. This type of machine is designed to be towed around oil refineries, gas plants with fork lift trucks or small vehicles, but they are not suitable to be towed on the public highways.


Model DTI-500

The DTI-500 and DTI-300 pumps are designed to operate in oil refineries, gas plants, chemical plants for the maintenance of large heat exchanger tube bundles or applications where large pressures and large water volumes are required.
Our customers use this pump with our robotic cleaner Model I-930-5 and Model E-930-3 to clean three (3) or five (5) heat exchanger tubes at the same time. The E-930-3 robotic cleaner traverses the full length of the heat exchangers that are from 3000mm long up to 12500 mm long.
For information on our robots please see our page (shell side bundle cleaner) or visit our Aqua Energy page on YouTube.


Model DC-400

The DC-400 is a 20' foot container that has everything inside for customers who mean business. It comes with two (2) three Kw infrared heaters for cold climates, 110 volt or 220 volt, IP-65 strip lights, two 70 watt son-T flood lights, RCB power points, all electrics comply with EEC and Norwegian NORSOK legislation. A workshop bench is installed along with, tool box, spares and accessories cabinets, protective clothing cabinets, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and much more.

The Ultra high pressure pump operates from 1550 bar @ 106 l/min up to 3,000 bar @ 51.00 l/min and is more than capable of handling any ultra high pressure project.


Paint & Rust removal from Jetty

Concrete demolishing

Paint Removal from Beams

Buoy paint removal 2800 bar

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